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We are just not designers, we develop quality code that lifts your web property up to Google's expectations, or keeps your app running smoothly.

Website Design West Palm Beach

Web Design

Updating or creating a website has a lot of technical requirements that normally get overlooked by novice webmasters, but not the search engines. Whether you are designing a new website or upgrading your existing one, we build a strong foundation for your website to be successful. Included with every project, we integrate Google Analytics for visitor conversion and organic tracking. This will allow you to make flawless data driven decisions in the future.

App Developer West Palm Beach

App Development

Application Development can take very complex logic and server side platforms with API calls. We can develop native code for maximum performance and user experience (UX). If you are looking to get an app project rolling quickly, we also create cost effective prototype apps to get your project to the next stage. Developing a multi platform app can support over 5000 device variations. Our team of beta testers have years of experience is cross device testing.


Developing an ecommerce website is no simple task. While their are many proprietary solutions available on the web, these types of ecommerce software typically create a scaling issue. We offer an ecommerce platform for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. A highly optimized architecture along with an intuitive admin interface provide an easy to use platform to manage your products, orders, and customer data all in a secured environment. Maintenance plans also available.

Search Engine Optimization

Wether your a brand new website on the internet, or an established business, your website needs to have a solid foundation to grow on. Search Engine Optimization has many factors. Let us perform an audit of your website to determine what opportunities you are over looking. When it comes to SEO, minor changes can make a major difference. Many of our optimized website projects have risen to and maintained number one rankings. In some cases, even surpassing the official manfacturer's website!

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Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento

We use the best web frameworks to bring you quality code that is highly customizable.


Wordpress Website Design

Right now, twenty percent of the internet is running Wordpress as a content management system (CMS). It provides an easy to use backend that allows for quickly updating and adding content. While it started as a simple blogging platform, Wordpress now encompasses ecommerce product administration and much more!


Drupal Website Design

Drupal has become a very custom logic friendly PHP platform. It allows for user based access control, permissions, web services, ecommerce workflow functionaility and more. We use Drupal as a backend administration CMS to develop custom platforms for secure servers. The Drupal security team is on top of things. Drupal is our preferred CMS to develop with.


Magento Website Design

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform. It has a large community of developers that are constantly updating and enhancing plugins. This allows for the ability to quickly add features such as Google Merchant XML Product Feeds. Using an open source can allow you easily extend your platform in the future at minimal cost.

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Professional Website Design, Application Development, and SEO

Website design with Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento

Join our list of happy clients for custom website and application development!  Our web and app software platforms allow your website to improve and scale in a rapidly changing online environment.  Experience the benefits of a well planned website development project.

Websites developed with SEO

With all the web designers and development firms around,  your journey to find the right developer can be endless.  If you want your website designed the right way, the first time, give us a call.  Together, our team's knowledge covers a wide range of highly requested design tools, development standards, and software libraries.  

Our development staff has experience in Advanced SEO, HTML5PHPMYSQLCSSJavascript, JSON and much more!  Project timelines vary based on request.

We develop cloud platforms that allow for easy management of your online assets.  Each Graphic Web Design, Inc. customer is rewarded with a custom tailored front end and back end administrative user interface that expedites everyday office workflow.  Most importantly, saving you time and money.

App and Responsive design options for Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop

Don't get stuck with an unscalable application or basic HTML website!  Design an application that will let your website grow with your business.  Our websites have the capability to communicate data such as user accounts or content with iPhone and Android apps using a REST server, XMLRPC, JSON etc...