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This screenshot displays a long term date range with number of pages indexed (grey), crawl errors (in red), an appearances in search (blue).  This data is from Bing Webmaster Tools

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This graph is a printout for Graphic Web Design, Inc.  Notice the increase in crawl errors around the end of September 2012.  This was when I edited the .htaccess, removing 301 redirects.  This is not something that would normally be left unattended, but I enjoy running experiments on my website.  You can see a decrease in the number of pages indexed, and appearance in search results.

At the end of November 2012,  our website was migrated into Drupal. Since this time, I have monitored 404 errors.  When a 404 occurs, and 301 redirect is added.  

In 2009, this website was launched in HTML.  About one year later, it was migrated to a simple PHP website. After that, we went into Joomla.  Finally, we have migrated into Drupal.  Still to this day, the server is recieving requests for URLs that existed 3 years ago.

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