Starting a website

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Starting a website:

1)      Domain name – Do you have a domain name or names already registered  or do we need to register one?

Domain name lookup and registration

2)     Hosting Plan – Once a domain name is acquired we will need to setup hosting based on your needs and what you want your website’s functions to be.

Web Hosting Setup

3)     Content – What is the purpose of your website?  What types of content will it contain?  How many pages will you need?  Do you need graphic design service to produce a logo or web compatible graphics?  Have you established slogans or taglines?  What images would you like on your webpage?

4)     Design – Do you favor certain colors or themes in your advertising?

5)     Development – What added features would you like your website to do in the future?

6)     Optimization – Keyword research, analytics, compatibility, and many other factors will help your website be viewed by potential visitors.

7)     Online Marketing – Building links , social media, etc… have become extremely important pieces of online development.  Get educated on how you can increase your exposure on the web.

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