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Developers, sharpen your pencils!

As of January 12, 2012, the three month application window has finally opened for new gTlds (Generic top level domains). This is going to completly change the face of the internet. Below is the video explaining the application process to become a registrar. Not to mention the $185,000 application fee with $25,000/yr maintenance. The guidelines are a strict as it gets for companies that will be attempting to secure their brand as a .mybrand rather than .com.

In my opinion, the size of the internet and its industries are about to expand rapidly. As I said before, developers, sharpen your pencils, we will be receiving an enormous boost in leads for all of this brand new virtual real estate.

No longer will advertising be restricted to the left of the .(DOT). This moves us all into customizing and securing our brands using right side of the .(DOT), if you have the money and means to do so. Obviously there is a huge IT department involved to hold your own DNS as a registrar. On a consumer level, we should still be able to secure names for tlds that have been granted to companies hoping to resell the tld as independent and private domain registrations. (I would hope)

The video embedded below is in flash. If you can't view it try the actual link to the website, pasted below the video.

ICANN gTLD application process

How to apply for a gTLD

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