International Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Design

Client: United World Brands

Dynamic Currency, Attribute, Multiple Warehouses Stock Level Support

This website is built on a robust content management system with custom administrative user interfaces.  It provides the ability to manage an ecommerce webstore in multiple countries around the world.  Upon entrance, users are screened for country of origin.  Once determined, the website translates to their native language and converts all currency based on the current currency exchange rate.

Development Specifications: 

  • Internationalization / translation
  • Restricting sellable items brands per country
  • Currency conversion based on real time exchange rate
  • Multiple warehouse stock level refreshing
  • SSL
  • Multiple subdomains and affiliate sites
  • One database
  • Dealer portal
  • Custom administrative interfaces

Ecommerce features:

  • Attribute matrix setup (i.e. S,M,L / Red, Green, Blue)
  • Attribute pricing adjustments
  • Dealer pricing
  • Auto generating image thumbnails
  • Taxonomy system
  • Order workflow management
  • Auto generating URLs and sitemaps (html and xml)
  • Google Analytics for ecommerce
  • Product cards image slideshows
  • Web Forms


  • Yahoo Finance
  • Custom PHP Multi-Warehouse Stock Levels
  • Country of origin IP screening

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