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     There is much more to a quality web site than the way it looks. Now more than ever, Google is looking at the quality of the code and structure of data within your web page. Search bots account for more than 200 signals to each one of your pages. We develop using strict code compliance standards and rich meta data. All of this while providing you with a platform that will allow you to scale as your business or brand grows.

Redesigning Your Website

     When redesigning your website, you need to make sure you don't lose your authority with Google. Many steps are needed to be taken to ensure what authority you have gained does not go unaccounted for. Many times, novice web designers will overlook these critical connections. We have redesigned and developed custom CMS websites in popular frameworks like Wordpress and Drupal to replace outdated websites. While doing so, we always make sure to connect each and every page to your existing link authority.

Advanced Features

     Many of our clients request that special functionality to be added to their website. We develop apps also, so adding custom workflow to your website is right up our alley. If you are looking to add some application logic or custom form processing to your website, let us know!

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